This play traces the history of Chicago from its days as a frontier outpost to the modern day, told through the eyes of the Irish, African-American, Eastern European, and Latino immigrants who came here and made the city their own.

Each segment of the show has its own tone and style, and is tied to a specific era or event in the city's history. Your students will see how the Irish famine, the great Black migration of the 1920s, the post-WW 1 Eastern European influx, and the Latino explosion changed the culture and history of the city.

Designed for students grades 3-8, this seven-member ensemble piece helps put an engaging,human face on the story of the city we love.

CHICAGO - March 17, 2017
Irish American Heritage Ctr
10:30 am | $8.00
PALATINE - March 23, 2017
Cutting Hall (Palatine)
10 & 11:45am | $8.00
CHICAGO - April 27, 2017
Irish American Heritage Ctr
10:30 am | $8.00
$775 one show/ $1295 two perfs