LYLE THE CROCODILE is the story of a friendly crocodile who turns up in a bathtub in an apartment in New York City's Upper East Side. Lyle becomes good friends with the folks in the building, except for Mr. Grumps, who hates Lyle, parades, people, and pretty much everything.

However, when Lyle rescues Mr. Grumps and his cat Loretta from a fire, Mr. Grumps has to apologize for the way he's treated Lyle. In the end, Lyle helps those around him learn that they should not judge other by how different they appear to be, but to love people (and crocodiles) for what they are

LYLE joins our lineup for a limited number of "field trip" performances in spring, 2017. Seats are limited; book your reservation today!


PALATINE - March 20, 2017
Cutting Hall
10 am | $8.00

ST CHARLES - March 21, 2017
Pheasant Run Theater
10 am | $8.00
CHICAGO - March 29, 2017
Irish American Heritage Ctr
10:30 am | $8.00

Not Available for in-school shows