This fun and fast paced show uses an energetic cast of three to cover the history and theories of money and economies - and YES, your 3rd to 8th grade kids are totally gonna get it!

It opens with Aesop's story of the silly Grasshopper and the industrious Ant, then stops and tries to change the end of the story by teaching the Grasshopper about the ways of personal finance. We cover the principles of supply and demand, how to build a career, what "stock markets" are, and how everyone can use the funds they have to make themselves into sturdy financial "ants" rather than hapless "grasshoppers."

Available year-round, this will make a lasting impression on your kidsevery time they reach into their pocket and consider what to do with their hard-earned funds. Running time approximately 45 mins.

LOMBARD - March 7, 2017
Enchanted Castle
10:15 & 11:45am | $9.95 (incl lunch)

CHICAGO - March 28, 2017
Irish American Heritage Center
10:30am | $8.00
PALATINE - April 17, 2017
Cutting Hall
10 & 11:45am | $8.00

$595 one show | $995 two perfs