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Take the classics in Greek mythology, put them in a blender, add a lot of whacky props, and you get one of the most entertaining hours your students will ever see.

Two battling narrators attempt to cover the entirety of Greek mythology using audience participation, cross-dressing, and general theatrical insanity. Creation myths such as Pandora's Box and Cronos and the Titans jostle for space with other famous myths like Jason and the Argonauts (the original Super Friends). Culminating in a heart-pounding, five-minute, two-actor version of The Iliad, this fast-paced, free-wheeling play is wild, silly, and a complete blast for students grades 6 and up.

This is a fun, funny addition to your middle school mythology unit, and will be available for in school tours year-round and at locations throughout Chicagoland.

(PLEASE NOTE: some of the stories in this show involve the Gods 'mixin it up with mortals' and some characters who lose sight of their common sense in the pursuit of passion. Even though there's nothing vulgar or outside the narrative lines of the actual Greek myths in this show, and the language would be rated G if it was a movie, we're recommending that the show be presented to students who are old enough to appreciate the ridiculous humor involved in Greek mythology - just as the Greeks themselves did.)

CHICAGO - December 6
Irish American Heritage Ctr
10:30 am | $8.00
PALATINE - December 11
Cutting Hall
10 am | $8.00
LAKE COUNTY - January 31, 2018
Round Lake Civic Center
10:30am | $8.00
CHICAGO - April 26, 2018
Greenhouse Theatre Ctr
10 & 11:45am | $8.00

$750 per performance