The Mother Duck is waiting patiently for the biggest egg in the nest to finally crack and when it does, something just isn't right. The new duckling doesn't look like her siblings, she doesn't sound like her siblings, and she doesn't think like them either. Finally it all becomes too much, and she runs away from home, determined to find a place for herself in the wide world.

This brand new adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's classic story uses GreatWorks' trademark wit and humor to balance out the sometimes melancholy aspects of the original story. If you're looking for a subtle way to bolster your anti-bullying education with your youngest students, this is a great option, with the Odd Duck Out emerging as the most beautiful, most self-assured creature in the pond by the end of the show.


LOMBARD - March 2, 2017
Enchanted Castle
10:15 & 11:45 am - $9.95 incl lunch
ST CHARLES - March 10, 2017
Pheasant Run Theater
10 & 11:45 am - $8.00
WINNETKA - March 14, 2017
Winnetka Community House
10 & 11:45 am - $8.00

$750 one show | $1290 two perfs